All services are tailored to your bike's individual needs, however to simplify things for you I offer standardised pricing for the most common services.
Prices include consumables like grease and lubricants, but exclude all parts unless otherwise specified.

Regular Services

Bronze - £30

A basic tune up

Gears - low/high stops, indexing, cable wear assessed

Brakes - block/pad wear assessed, blocks positioned

Chain - wear assessed, lubricated

Tyres - wear assessed, inflate to recommended pressures

Silver - £60  

A tune up and wheel service

As Bronze, plus:

Wheels - trued, spoke tensions checked and adjusted

Hubs - bearings checked for play and adjusted

Gold - £80  

A full service, drivetrain clean and relube

As Silver, plus:

Derailleurs, chain, cassette and chainset degreased and relubricated

Platinum - £120  

This is the works!

Every single nut, bolt and component on your bike removed, checked for wear, serviced and refitted (or replaced if necessary).  This includes everything from headset, bottom bracket and hubs down to the thrust bearing inside a shimano road bike brake - including 12 ball bearings each barely more than 1mm in diameter!

Brake and gear cable inners and outers included if needed.